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The Steel Production Shop is designed for the production of 150 000 tons of liquid steel per year. The main technological equipment covers:

» Three electric arc furnaces of 15-tons, 25-tons and 60-tons capacity (designed and manufactured by "BBC", Switzerland) for production of liquid steel from scrap by means of powerful electric arc. The furnaces are equipped with voltage transformers of 20 000 volts, while electric arc is being ignited by means of carbon electrodes.

» Vacuum installation for post furnace vacuum treatment of steel (made by "Standard Messo", Germany) used for treatment of liquid steel under high vacuum. Structurally the installation comprises:
         VAD installation of 12 to 70-tons capacity, designed for production of forging ingots.
         VOD installation of 25 to 70-tons capacity, designed for production of high alloyed and stainless steel.

» Vacuum tanks of 80-tons capacity, used for ingot casting under high vacuum

» Teeming ladles of 15-tons, 25-tons and 60-tons capacity, used for transportation of liquid metal from electric arc furnaces to its pouring location.

75 000 tons of forging ingots with unit weight of up to 80 tons can be produced at the shop per year.

An Electro Slag Remelting Installation, designed for production of ingots up to 25 tons, is being assembled and put into operation, with a start up date end of December 2008.

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