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"Casting Forging Machinery Complex" LTD is an enterprise having at its disposal and commanding high-tech equipment, designed for manufacture of large-scale castings and forgings. The production cycle is implemented under Know-How and technology of Kobe Steel Ltd., considerably improved by the knowledge and solid work experience of the company's personnel.

Company products are well received in all parts of the world - Europe, America, Asia, Australia. The production is directed to structure-defining economic branches, such as Power engineering, Shipbuilding, Cement and Chemical Industry, Mining Industry, Heavy Investment Machinery, Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metal Industries, Nuclear/Conventional Energy Sector and specific military equipment.

Our main partners are Wartsila Propulsion B.V.(Holland); Wartsila Propulsion (Norway AS); Metso Minerals Industries Inc.(USA); Corus (UK); British Steel (UK); Thyssen Krupp (Germany); Steinhoff GmbH (Germany); Xtek,Inc.(USA); U.S. Steel; Rolls Royce Marine (Norway, Scotland, Poland); Mittal Steel; Akers Specialty Rolls (France); Gontermann-Peipers Ltd.(India); Mariner Ship's Equipment (Turkey) Gurdesan (Turkey); Severstal N.A., as well as certain programs implemented by Defence Ministries of different European countries.

The establishment of "Radomir Metal Industries" JSC was initiated and realized by the Government of Republic of Bulgaria from 1976 to 1986. Since 1999, as a result of a privatization contract, "Radomir Metal Industries" JSC it became a private joint-stock company with 100 % private ownership. The overall investment for this plant has been 1.5 billion US dollars.

In the years the company has been existing under different names: "Heavy Machinery", "Radomir-Metal", "Radomir - LEKO KO", "Radomir Metals", "Radomir Metal Industries" and presently "Casting Forging Machinery Complex" LTD.

During its more than 20-years period of existence, the company has developed the nomenclature of its products. The technological equipment has been maintained at high technological level. Investments of 20 million EUR have been made in buildings, procurement of new machines and production equipment and installations, and modernization/updating of the available existing equipment.

The company's engineering and technical potential and expertise are extremely high. Most of the engineers have more than 15-years service with the company, which presently endeavors for practical training of new employees during the production processes.

The main trends of our engineering activities comprise the fields of metallurgy, plastic deformation, heat treatment, machining and electrical equipment.

Our personnel have solid experience in the fields of steel making, steel casting, forging and heat treatment.

Technologically the company's activities are implemented in two main directions:

» Machined forgings
» Machined castings

Structurally the company comprises:

» Scrap yard

» Steel production shop
» Steel foundry
» Fettling shop
» Pattern shop
» Forging and Heat treatment shop
» Machining shops
» Laboratory facilities

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