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The Fettling shop is designed for finishing of the castings. Final treatment of castings covers removal of the gating system and the risers and repair of the casting defects. Final cleaning of the castings in Shot Blasting chamber and heat treatment for stress relief are accomplished there.

Precise dimension laying-out of the castings prior to machining is carried out. Non-destructive control, including Ultrasonic examination, Magnetic particle test, and Dye penetration examination is being carried out after rough (initial or intermediate) machining by means of modern equipment.

The principal equipment embraces:

» 4 Shot Blasting chambers of 30-tons, 60-tons and 150-tons capacity with maximum dimensions of 9 000 W x 9 000 L x 7 000 H.

» 11 Heat Treatment Furnaces of 50-tons, 80-tons, 150-tons and 250-tons capacity with maximum dimensions of 9 000 W x 13 000 L x 4 000 H. The computerised combustion control ensures achieving of high temperature homogenity within the furnace space, thus guaranteeing precise implementation of thermal conditions.
» Different tools for exterior cleaning and removal of uneven particles from the non-machineable casting surfaces.

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