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The Scrap yard's purpose is the preparation of charge through sorting the scrap by size and type of steel, crushing it to smaller pieces, filling of the scrap bucket and its transportation to the Steel production shop.

The shop equipment includes:

» Briquetting press (made by "Arnold", Austria), designed for chips sealing.
» Shears (made by "Tesuka", Japan), designed for scrap and sheet metal cutting.
» Gas-cutting machines, designed for gas-cutting of solid metal details up to 2200 mm thick.
» Weighing machines with capacity of 15, 25 and 60 tons capacity, for weighing of scrap prior to its transportation to the Steel production shop.
» Haulage trucks of (load capacity 30 tons), running on rails, connecting the plant's sections.
» Trucks (load capacity 15 tons, 25 tons and 60 tons) running on rails, for transportation of scrap buckets to the Steel production shop.

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