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The Steel Foundry is designed for annual production of 25 000 tons of castings with unit weight from 4 to 120 tons. The moulding mixtures, used in the moulding process, are self-hardening on the basis of quartz sand, water glass and catalyst, or quartz sand, furan resin and catalyst. Casting moulds are implemented by means of chromite sand at the contact points between liquid steel and casting mould, as well as at the thermal spots, in order to reduce the mechanical and chemical blind scab. The regulation of heat balances is achieved through the use of exothermic and insulating materials

The principal technological equipment comprises:

» Automatic Moulding Line for castings of 3 to 5 tons weight with annual production of 11 000 tons.
» Casting pits for castings of 20 to 50 tons and 50 to 120 tons weight with annual production of 14 000 tons.
» Core-making equipment, designed for manufacturing of cores with volume of up to 1000 dm3.
» Knock-out grids, used for rough cleaning of the castings from moulding sand residues.
» Mixers for mechanical preparation of moulding sand mixtures.
» Mobile and stationary feeders, intended for mechanical feed of moulding sand.
» Casting control and design by Magma software as well as our vast gained operational experience.

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